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At the Red Hill Bakery, every product is hand crafted by our talented bakers with extra love and care.
Everything you see on our shelves is made in-house. 


The Red Hill Bakery is renowned for our freshly baked breads. Our breads are created in the traditional way of an artisan baker. The dough for our breads is fermented for 18 hours
and not 2 hours like many commercial bakeries.

All our bread is made with minimal ingredients of the highest quality - fresh yeast, super fine salt, laucke unbleached & stoneground flours, olive oil & water. All our breads are baked on Stone Hearth and contain no preservatives.

Our motto is less is best and time is everything! 

What sets us apart is how we create delicious food for you and your family to enjoy, as well as the extra dose of care + love!

Please note that the below listed products may not be available

at all times and will be subject to change.


OUR favourite BREADs

Wine bread is one of our most popular breads. It is made from the wine yeast left over after fermentation. It has a soft texture and unique flavour and is perfect on a cheese platter.

You can also freeze our wine bread and then defrost for use as needed.




A sourdough that has been fermented for 24 hours,using our own natural yeast source from apples on the Mornington Peninsula



The Local Loaf 

A beautiful sourdough that
is crafted from our very own our 20 year Sourdough starter, natural yeast and
 stone milled flour.



Stoneground certified organic flour (it doesn't come any healthier than that!) with its20 hour fermentation process.It is the epitome of the 5000 year history of bread

Multigrain / 10 Grain

Combination of flours, poulish, fresh yeast and 10 different wholegrains (Linseed, soy, malted wheat, rolled oats, kibbled barley, triticale, kibbled rye,
kibbled maze, buckwheat and

sun flour kernels)


Butter based loaf made with a combination of sustainable flours, eggs & fresh yeast

light rye

Lavin poulish, olive oil and Laucke whole grain rye flour

french baguette

This 24 hour bulk ferment makes this bread as close as you can be to being in Paris!

A beautiful creamy inside with
a golden crunchy twist. 


Made up of 60% AUSTRALIAN GROWN fruit flour, butter
and sugar

pasta dura

Traditional white dough sprinkled with semolina
cooked on stone hearth



cob loaf

skinny sourdough stick

The ultimate white sourdough stick to fill with gourmet selections

white block

A classic favourite perfect for sandwiches and lunchboxes

and it's not just bread...
our other delicious products


Our gourmet pies are handcrafted in house and made fresh daily. They have trans-fat free pastry and are utterly delicious! 

All of our pies are made in standard size and can be made in

party pie and family pie size to order.

cakes & sweets

All our cakes and sweet treats are handcrafted and made with love onsite at Balnarring by our very talented pastry chefs. The cake fridge holds an array of cakes and slices, made freshly and seasonally.
We can also make cakes and sweets to order.


White Bap Rolls

Wholemeal Bap Rolls

Multigrain Bap Rolls

Knot Rolls

Sourdough Rolls

Hamburger Buns

Dinner Rolls


Fruit Buns

Apple Scroll

Almond Croissant

Banana Bread

Chocolate Croissants

Cinnamon Loaf

Anzac Biscuits

Hot Cross Bun

Turkish Rolls

Chocolate mousse cake

Flourless Chocolate cake

Flourless Orange Cake

Gingerbread Men

Hedgehog slice

Hummingbird Cake​


Jelly slice

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Slice

Persian Love Cake

Rocky Road Slice

Smartie Biscuits

Vanilla Slice

Beef & Burgundy Pie

Builders Beef Pie

Chicken, Leek & Corn

Duck & 5 Spice Pie

Lamb & Rosemary Pie

Moroccan Lentil Pie (Vegan)

Sausage Roll

Spinach & Ricotta Roll

Vegetable & Cheese Pasties

Apple Rhubarb Crumble

Belgium Lemon Teacake

Caramel Slice

Carrot Cake

Vegan Brownie

Vegan strawberry berry crumble

YoYo Cookie

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