the family business

The Red Hill Baker is an entirely family run business in Balnarring (with a store also in Red Hill) on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Ray and Jill Johns took over the

Bakery in Red Hill, and renamed it The Red Hill Baker in 2001.

Daughters Jess, a qualified baker and pastry chef joined full time in 2006 and Lucy, a Chartered Accountant joined in 2014. 

This single fronted old shop was a retail Bakery that had been established 13 years prior. There was no coffee machine, or chairs and tables, only selling the bare essentials. 


The business grew slowly with the addition of a coffee machine, a wider selection of bread made the traditional way - from scratch - and slowly braised pie fillings with trans-fat free pastry. This started the revolution in pie sales!


baking & music

Ray was the sole Baker and started at 1.00 am and finished

around 1.00 p.m. seven days a week.


A few years later we acquired the shop next door and so the
Cafe began. A wood fired oven was purchased and live music was introduced on a Sunday afternoon. We obtained a Liquor License

so guests could enjoy a drink whilst enjoying the music.


The Balnarring “Red Hill Baker” was established in March 2011, where the unique musical experience continues - every Sunday.

our philosophy

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the family working environment we have established for our staff. We provide a happy, safe and enjoyable workplace which thrives on teamwork, quality products and people who have a genuine love and passion for food.

We are also becoming increasingly more aware of our impact on the environment. All of our coffee grinds go to locals who use it as fertilizer rather than sending it to landfill, and fresh food that may be left over is given to a wildlife rescue rather then it going to waste! We are plastic shopping bag free and use bio bags for our bread, as well as offering discounts on coffee for people using their own cups. 

new bread shelves.jpg