Red Hill Baker @ Balnarring

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Cafe Menu'

Our Cafe menu has an array of seasonal and delicious meals, hand crafted by our talented chef. Our open fire warms in winter and our large bi-fold doors cool in winter.

The Deli 

The deli side is fully stocked with freshly made baguettes, rolls, croissants and salads all made in house, daily. These are a great options for lunch either on the go on dinning in- with the ability to add chips and salad to your meal.

The Bread 

We bake in the traditional way of the Artisan baker. All our bread varieties are made from dough fermented for 18 hours, as opposed to the 2 hour fermentation of commercial bread which is made with 14 ingredients, half of which are preservatives. We use only 6 ingredients in our breads, which are baked with love and care every day.

The Pies
The Pies  

Our gourmet pies are handcrafted in house and made fresh daily. They have trans-fat free pastry and are utterly delicious! We also make sausage rolls, pasties and spinach and ricotta rolls. For more information of our variety, please visit the products tab. 

Cakes + Sweet Treats

All our cakes and sweet treats are handcrafted and made with love onsite at Balnarring by our very talented pastry chefs. The cake fridge holds an array of cakes and slices, made freshly and seasonally. Please visit the products tab for more information on our variety of sweet treats.  

Take-home meals

Chef prepared take home meals await and include lasagne, quiches, family pies , bolognese and weekly specials like soups, casseroles and curries! Take your Red Hill Baker experience home for dinner, it will be like having a chef in your kitchen!

Gourmet Products

In the fridges you will find a range of local gourmet cheeses and antipasto platter essentials, as well as limited fruit +veg and fresh herbs. We also have your essential cold items like milk and eggs.