The Bakery

The Deli 

The deli side is fully stocked with freshly made baguettes, rolls, croissants and salads all made in house, daily. These are a great options for lunch either on the go on dinning in- with the ability to add chips and salad to your meal.

The Bread 

We bake in the traditional way of the Artisan baker. All our bread varieties are made from dough fermented for 18 hours, as opposed to the 2 hour fermentation of commercial bread which is made with 14 ingredients, half of which are preservatives. We use only 6 ingredients in our breads, which are baked with love and care every day.

The Pies, Pastries and Cakes

We bake a range of Gourmet Pies:

  • Duck and Wine

  • Rabbit and Pinot

  • Chicken and Chardonnay

  • Roasted Root Vegetable with lamb shank pasties

  • Beef and Burgundy


These pies are baked with Trans Fat Free pastry from fresh ingredients from the Mornington Peninsula. We also make delicious Sausage Rolls, and a large range of Quiches and Fritattas. Our special range of Cakes are made with superb quality ingredients and Almond Meal so many of them are Gluten Free.

The Art Gallery

It came to our attention that there aren't a lot of kid friendly areas around where parents can also kick back and have a cuppa with friends.

We are pleased to announce our new 'Kids Corner' in the Baker's Gallery is open.

To ensure the continued use for everyone and their safety we have a few simple rules:

  • Children must be supervised at all times (there are couches and other seating available around the area)

  • To protect the lovely artwork we ask that children don't run around the gallery and stay in the space allocated

  • Due to the increase of food allergies we ask that you don't bring in outside food.


We have a kids menu available and can work in with most dietary requirements.

Sunday Jazz Session
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