Why is our Bread different?

The Red Hill Bakery is known for its freshly baked breads. Breads are made using old traditional methods. The dough is fermented for 18 hours and not 2 hours like many commercial bakeries.

All our bread is made with minimal ingredients of fresh yeast, super fine salt, laucke unbleached & stoneground flours, olive oil & h20. All baked on Stone Hearth.

Our motto is less is best and time is everything!


Our Bread


Wine bread is one of the most popular breads sold. It is made from the wine yeast left over after fermentation. The lees of the wine. It is added to the sourdough mix to produce lovely soft and rather unique tasting bread. So instead of using crackers, try some wine bread. It is delicious with cheese.

You can freeze the winebread and then pull it out of the freezer and defrost for your party. Many customers have delighted in using the wine-bread in this way.


The  Super Loaf is made with Teff Flour, Chia Seeds and sprouted wheat. Teff is a gluten free grain that originates from Ethiopia that significantly boosts the nutritional content of bread. 

Gram by Gram, it has more calcuim that milk and more iron than red meat. It is low in FODMAP and contains Vitamins K and C, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Cafone Sourdough

A sourdough that has been fermented for 24 hours, using our own natural yeast source from apples on the Mornington Peninsula

The Local Loaf 

A beautiful sourdough that is crafted from our very own natural yeast, Tuerong farm winter white flour and contains our 20 year Sourdough starter. This loaf is all Mornington Peninsula from Paddock to Plate. 


Butter based loaf made with a combination of sustainable flours, eggs & fresh yeast

Multigrain / 10 Grain

Combination of flours, poulish, fresh yeast, and 10 different wholegrains (Linseed, soy, malted wheat, rolled oats, kibbled barley, triticale, kibbled rye, kibbled maze, buckwheat & sun flour kernels

Stoneground Wholemeal Loaf

Stoneground certified organic flour (it doesn't come any healthier than that!) with its 20 hour fermentation process. It is the epitome of the 5000 year history of bread

Light Rye

Lavin poulish, olive oil and Laucke whole grain rye flour

White Block

Lavin poulish, olive oil and Laucke whole grain rye flou


Fruit + Spice 

Made up of 60% fruit (all Australian grown) flour, butter & sugar

Pasta Dura

Traditional white dough sprinkled with semolina cooked on stone hearth

Traditional French Baguette

This 24 hour bulk ferment makes this bread as close as you can be to being in Paris. A beautiful creamy inside with a golden crunchy twist. 

White Sourdough Stick

Skinny Sourdough Stick

The ultimate white sourdough stick to fill with gourmet selections

White Sourdough Cob Loaf


White Baps

Wholemeal Baps

Multigrain Baps

Knot Rolls

Sourdough Rolls

Burger Buns

Dinner Rolls


Fruit Bun


knott roll.jpg