Red Hill Bakery @ Red Hill

Our Red Hill Store is quite unique to us, because it is where our story begun back in 2001...

shop 5, cnr point leo & shoreham road, red hill south

03 5989 2733

Red Hill Pizza

Red Hill Pizza operates out of our Red Hill Store, Friday  evenings 5-8pm with Happy Hour 5-6pm. Our gourmet pizzas are available for dine in or takeaway and will be sure to leave you wanting more. We have a range of vegetarian, seafood and meat options. 

Please note Red Hill Pizza does NOT operate from Balnarring- ONLY Red Hill.

See below for our menu...



CAPRICCIOSA                                           $24

tomato base, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives & anchovies


SALAMI                                                         $24

tomato base, mozzarella, calabrese salami & chilli

TROPICAL                                                    $23

tomato base, mozzarella, ham & pineapple



MEATLOVERS                                            $26

bbq base, ham, salami, chorizo, bacon, fat boy sausage & red onion

SEAFOOD PRAWN & CHORIZO               $26

tomato base, mozzarella, prawns, chorizo & cherry tomato





 ROAST VEGETABLE                                  $23

tomato base, mozzarella, roasted seasonal vegetables & fresh parsley

MARGHERITA                                              $19

tomato base, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan & parsley

PORCINI  MUSHROOM                             $23

garlic oil base, fresh mushrooms, porcini mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan & truffle oil


GOATS CHEESE                                          $23

tomato base, mozzarella, basil pesto, goats’ cheese, sundried tomato & parmesan

– optional Salami (add $3)




NUTELLA PIZZA                      $12

Nutella, seasonal fruit, marshmallows & sprinkles

The Bread 

We bake in the traditional way of the Artisan baker. All our bread varieties are made from dough fermented for 18 hours, as opposed to the 2 hour fermentation of commercial bread which is made with 14 ingredients, half of which are preservatives. We use only 6 ingredients in our breads, which are baked with love and care every day.

The Pies
The Pies  

Our gourmet pies are handcrafted in house and made fresh daily. They have trans-fat free pastry and are utterly delicious! We also make sausage rolls, pasties and spinach and ricotta rolls. For more information of our variety, please visit the products tab. 

Cakes + Sweet Treats

All our cakes and sweet treats are handcrafted and made with love onsite at Balnarring by our very talented pastry chefs. The cake fridge holds an array of cakes and slices, made freshly and seasonally. Please visit the products tab for more information on our variety of sweet treats.